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Parents Share the Hilariously Delightful Ways Their Young Children Tactfully Told Them They Hated Their Dinner

Every child must have protested over having to eat a dinner that they didn’t like at some point, we’re sure of it! We get it, there’s nothing worse than having to politely eat something that you hate the flavour or texture of without gagging, especially if you’re hungry and someone that you love made it for you.

One parent shared the delightfully diplomatic way her child has been explaining how little he likes his meals after being told not to use the word “gross”.

You have to give him full points for creativity and tact, that’s for sure!

Other parents responded with the things their own children have said when they didn’t like their meals, and each one is funnier than the last.

Bahahahaha! Kids are great. When you’re not cooking for them, anyway!


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