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Real-Life Miss Rabbit Shares Delightful Story of How She Helped a Little Girl on Her Day Off

Real-Life Miss Rabbit Shares Delightful Story of How She Helped a Little Girl on Her Day Off

We are all familiar with the Peppa Pig character Miss Rabbit, right? The one woman super employee who seems to hold every job in Peppa Pig’s town. It doesn’t matter where the Pig family go, Miss Rabbit is right there ready to help.

This truly delightful story is from a real-life Miss Rabbit — a kind woman in Scotland who has multiple jobs involving children and was able to help a little girl when she really needed her.

While browsing Reddit last night I came across a post shared by user Bluebucketandspade35 to the subreddit I Don’t Work Here Lady. Normally this sub is dedicated to tales of rude, entitled customers shouting at other shoppers assuming they are employees of the store they are in. I love the drama so I browse this sub on the regular. Anyway, this story is not like the usual ones featured on the sub. This story is wholesome and delightful and caused myself and many commentors to tear up a little after reading it. I thought you’d like to read it too.

Yes, I work there, there, there, and there, but not here. (a wholesome little story)

I hope this fits here. (if not I’ll take it down.) It’s a nice little story. Nobody gets crazy.

I actually have a lot of jobs. I think I’m up to 5 at the moment. All zero hours, flexible and freelance stuff. I’ve got to jump around a lot if I want to make full time pay.

Most of my jobs involve caring for, or entertaining children in some way.

There’s this one little girl, I’ll call her Jane, she’s about 6 and lives in my town, has a few younger siblings, and keeps showing up at my various jobs. We don’t really know each other, I just recognise her face, and she recognises mine.

Each time she finds me, she gets more and more confused. So during the school holidays our interactions were sort of like, week 1, I painted her brothers face at the fair. Week 2, I helped her sister choose a book at the library event. Week 3, I sold something to her mum at the shop etc and so on. I’ve never interacted with her directly, but I’ve seen her at least once a week all summer.

Each time she clocks me at a different job I can see her little brain trying to figure out why I am also here. I think I’m starting to scare her a little, like maybe I’m following her or something. No one else in her family seems to notice or remember me.

So the town had this big event at the end of summer. I was not working. I was there enjoying some candyfloss and chilling out, dressed in jeans and a t shirt.

I’m sitting on the benches and Jane and her family walk past, her head turns all the way round as she stares at me. I can see her brain freaking out a little bit. Why am I here too?

I give her a little wave, she waves back and off she goes.

About half an hour later, I’m watching the school kids perform their little show, and I feel a tug on my sleeve. It’s little Jane, tears in her eyes.

She asks if I can help. This is the first time she’s ever spoken to me. But she’s lost her mum. And she needs help.

So, of course, I’m going to help her. Having worked with kids, I know the drill. I get the info we need. Mum’s name, what she’s wearing (I couldn’t remember), we find the lost children stand and get the staff to send out a message for the mum.

I assure her that mummy is looking for her, and we’ll wait here till she finds us.

She’s holding my hand as we wait and she says “I’m glad you work here too.”

I didn’t have the heart to correct her.

Well done, Miss Rabbit! You have saved the day yet again!

Source: Peppa Pig and Reddit




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