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Reddit Posters Help Prevent a Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby from Being Stolen

CPS imposter

Reddit Posters Help Prevent a Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby from Being Stolen

While browsing Reddit last night, I came across a post that sent chills down my spine. A pregnant woman in the US had asked the legal advice forum for some guidance about something that didn’t quite seem right. She wrote that the Department of Child Services had received a tip that she and her husband were drug users (they are not) and that they were being investigated.

Here is the expectant mother’s original post two weeks ago:

[Indiana] I’m pregnant and being investigated by DCS. from legaladvice

As soon as the Indiana woman posted, other Child Protective Services workers responded to her worried request for advice, telling her that they do not investigate pregnant women with no prior children. The CPS worker must be an imposter and the woman was warned to never let her into their home again.

cps imposter

This is where I got the chills down my spine.

If she was scared and upset before asking for advice, she must be feeling horrified and violated now.

She replied with an update yesterday, confirming her worst fears.

[UPDATE] I’m pregnant and being investigated by DCS. from legaladvice

Wow. Just….. wow.

What was the imposter’s goal here? To simply extort money from the couple in return for the case being dropped? Or more alarmingly, to steal the newborn from the maternity ward after the couple “failed” the drug test, giving false court details and instructions on how to regain custody? It could have been weeks before the couple realised that their newborn daughter had been kidnapped.

Women have been caught doing atrocious, sickening things in their attempts to steal a newborn baby. There are cases of pregnant women being murdered before their unborn child has been removed from them. Other stories of babies for sale for upwards of $50,000 USD to adoptive parents who want to circumvent the lengthy and exclusive adoption process are often heard too.

The ‘what ifs’ are horrendous to think about, but this unborn baby was undoubtedly saved because her worried mum asked some kind strangers on Reddit for advice on a situation she thought was a bit odd.

Always trust your instincts, mums.


You can read the original post here, the mother’s update here, and a ‘Best Of’ thread here. Another thread has been set up here to discuss the update. This was big news among the Reddit community. People are shocked and want to discuss it, understandably so.


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