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Storage Solutions for the Family Home

As soon as you add kids to your family, your home is never the same again. The accumulation of toys, clothes, shoes, let alone the baby items, can be overwhelming to keep tidy. That’s why it’s imperative to have storage solutions for the family home so everything has a place.

The truth is, most houses with kids living in them look like a bomb has hit it.

family storage solutions

Kids are messy. They don’t always put away their stuff when they’re told and I’ve heard that it doesn’t get easier as the kids get older. Instead of toys and clothes strewn everywhere, teens will generally dump their stuff on the dining table and their shoes will be left somewhere between the door and hallway.

As much as it can be frustrating to keep an organized home, there are some things that can make keeping the home tidy, easier. We’ve scoured the Temple and Webster site for storage solutions to help keep your home organized and orderly. Providing a storage solution can help kids understand items have a place and prompts them to put items away in their designated area.

We’ve come up with 10 storage solutions for the family home that we think will be a sanity saver for parents in the battle of keeping the house uncluttered and organised.

10 Storage Solutions for the Family Home

1. Shoe cabinet. Solve the problem of never having to find shoes again by getting the kids to store their shoes in one of these.

2. Shoe rack is another ideal way to store shoes. But it can also put toys on display for the kids too – like Barbies or soft toys.


3. Another way to store toys is to place them into a moveable trolley like this one. Alternatively, this can hold recycled rubbish the kids can craft with. If you’re so inclined.

4. A wooden blanket box is ideal for storing larger toys.

5. A 3 tier laundry trolley can have many uses around the house. From storing bits and pieces to craft supplies. It’s ideal for any part of the home to keep organized.

6. Use a dividing laundry hamper to get kids to help separate their clothes for washing – whites, darks and intimates or hand wash.

7. Storage baskets like these are great for storing blankets, dirty clothes, shoes, toys – a lot of things really. They are a stylish storage option for the home.

8. Creating a school bag and homework storage area is as easy as using these cubed shelves. Each child has their own cube where they store all of their items for school.

9. A cupboard is ideal for hiding a lot of household products, which are needed to keeping a house clean.

10. A coat rack is great for hanging raincoats, jackets or even school uniform coats for kids during winter. It can also hang bags, hats and scarves.

How do you keep your home tidy with kids?

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