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Watch What Happens When Kids Asked To Point Out Each Other’s Differences.

Children see differences quite clearly. Perhaps clearer than most adults at times. Watch this clip and see what happens when these children were asked “What makes you different from each other?”

What makes you two different from each other?

These children were asked how they were different from one another. Their responses might just bring a tear to your eye! 💗(via CBeebies)

Posted by BBC Family & Education News on Sunday, 18 June 2017


A super cute video from children’s network CBeebies , is touching on how children view differences.

Friends from all walks of life are asked the question “What makes you two different from each other?” and they’re responses are quite telling, not to mention heartwarming.

In the clip, these young children prove that issues such as race or ability are in actual fact, a non issue. True to the nature of children, they prove that they view differences such as living on top of a hill as opposed to living at the bottom of the hill a far more pressing issue.

The issue of loving tomato sauce versus only liking it. The clear difference of loving goujan and chips as opposed to sushi. The fact that one child lives in a house with squirrels in the roof, and one child does not. This is the diversity that small children reach for when pressed for answers. Not colour. Not race. Nor ability.

The video reached over 20 million views both on the CBeebies and BBC Family and Education News Facebook pages.

It’s part of a BBC campaign celebrating diversity called “Everyone’s Welcome.”

“From lettuce love (and hate!) to hard-hitting opinions on ketchup and toe size, these kids know what’s important ― friendship, openness and respecting each other’s differences, a lesson we can all learn from,” BBC Children’s Director Alice Webb wrote.

 “Their unscripted and natural responses is just what you would expect and demonstrates that children don’t make assumptions about people and their differences in the way that all too often grown-ups do,” she added.
How innocent and honest these children’s responses have been, really provides hope for our future.
Perhaps the world is a beautiful place after all. Or at the very least, these children show it could be depending on how we view it.


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