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Babymel Cara Baby Bag Review and Giveaway


Babymel Cara Baby Bag Review and Giveaway

I am so in love with the ‘Nautical’ Theme at the moment and can’t help adding a touch of blue and white stripes wherever I can, so I was delighted to discover the simply irresistible ‘Cara’ Baby Bag from Babymel. Babymel’s stylish designs are created in London and hit the shores of sunny Australia a few years back, and it isn’t difficult to see why these modern, stylish bags are so popular here too.

The ‘Cara’ bag is simply divine and resonates the nautical theme that I love so much, with its navy blue stripes, delicate splash of red, classy tan handles, elegant finishing’s and silver hardware. This simple chic design has certainly won the heart of this sea lover.

I love that the Babymel ‘Cara’ Baby bag has room for everything a Mum needs, while being the perfect handbag size on the outside. It’s too often that I find Baby bags are either too bulky to want to carry around or they are a nice size but don’t fit everything in this Mummy needs…especially as I am catering for twins. Fortunately the ‘Cara’ bag seems to have it all figured out and manages to get the perfect balance between the external size and internal storage capacity. If like me you love to be able to open your bag and find that thing you need (usually my keys) without rummaging to the bottom or tipping everything out, then you will love, as I do, all the pockets the ‘Cara’ bag has to organise everything, both inside and out, keeping everything just where I need it.

The Babymel ‘Cara’ Baby bag makes life easy by including a pram strap that can be quickly attached using velcro and easily removed so that I can throw the bag over my shoulder when I need to. The ‘Cara’ bag includes a good sized padded change mat with delicate detailing and an insulated bottle holder. One bit I really like about the practical design is that there are two external pockets for drink bottles so that they are accessible for my little ones to grab when they are thirsty. It also means no more drink spills inside my bag!! Yes, there have been times in the past when I have opened my bag to a soggy mess and therefore it is certainly a design feature that I am a big fan of.

Living on the beautiful Northern Beaches means lots of sandy days out with the kids which, while being completely spoilt, also adds another dimension to the endless effort to keep things clean and the ‘Cara’ bag is lovingly designed to help Mammas out here. The ‘Cara’ bag has a heart embossed wipe clean lining throughout and is made from a gorgeous and durable laminated canvas, which not only allows the sand to simply dust off but also means that it’s easy to wipe clean any of those little spillages or messes that tend to come with kids.

The Babymel ‘Cara’ Baby bag is so versatile that is has been so easy to match with any outfit or occasion. I have not only enjoyed sporting the ‘Cara’ bag for my days out with my little ones but I have also enjoyed taking it for casual business meetings and even an evening with friends, where it gained some favourable attention from onlookers. The ‘Cara’ bag is such a stylish classy design that it really does suit any occasion.

I am totally in love with the gorgeous ‘Cara’ Navy Stripe Baby Bag and adore that it combines a modern chic design with the practical and functional needs of a Mum, making it the perfect bag for all of my Mummy needs both with little ones in tow and for those rare moments I have to myself.

Visit www.babymel.com to check out more of their gorgeous products.

Written by Julie Williams

Disclosure: The author was gifted this product for the purpose of giving an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are the authors own.

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9 thoughts on “Babymel Cara Baby Bag Review and Giveaway

  1. Avatarchristine morris

    Thanks very much for the chance, i would really love to win this for my Niece, she is expecting in July , this would make a beautiful Baby Shower gift 🙂

  2. AvatarDanielle Cook

    I am expecting my first in august and still haven’t found a suitable bag. This is beautiful.

  3. AvatarDianne

    I’m on the hunt in looking for a baby bag for my daughter this will be absolutely perfect for us ????

  4. AvatarAsh murcott

    This bag looks great and I love that it has a pramstrap. This allows me to use my basket under my pram instead of it been taken up by a bag.

  5. AvatarGarry G Mediratta

    We got 2 two young kids my it would make my dear wife’s life easy and for me too =, cross fingers love to win it for my young family please.


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