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Pool Safety: Konfidence Review

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Kids Pool Buoyancy Jackets: Konfidence Review

Living on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches surrounded by water is a wonderful place to grow up but we are acutely aware of the dangers our little ones face with is often being near water. Therefore it is very high on my agenda to ensure that all of my little ones are confident and safe around water.

A few weeks ago my 3 year old twins were sent the Konfidence jackets to put to the test and it was a great excuse to spend as much of the School holidays as possible in the water. I always describe my twins as being like ‘Chalk and Cheese’ as they are so completely different in every way and their confidence in the water is a clear sign of this. While my Little Mr is leaping fearlessly into the water sinking straight to the bottom then making his way back to the surface with a huge, my little Miss however gingerly creeps towards the edge of the pool and would never enter the water without two hands firmly griping onto an adults hands refusing to let go until she is safely back out of the water. Therefore their differences in water confidence made them a good test to see how these jackets would benefit for little swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

The great thing about the Konfidence jackets is that they are designed so that you can gradually remove the flotation inserts inside the jacket to adjust buoyancy to suit each child’s needs quickly and easily at any time. The jackets were really easy and hassle free to use as the inserts are coded, so that I knew which order to remove them in to ensure that my little ones were using them correctly and safely.

The jacket is made from a high quality neoprene shell with soft lycra inside, so is very comfortable, durable and would certainly stand the test of time. It’s easy to see why this product is so popular around the world

Over the holidays my son loved the water and was very eager to dive right in sporting his new jacket. With Little Mr being a little over confident and already treading water we removed some of the inserts straight away and having that little bit more buoyancy in the water meant that Mummy could relax and, while staying in arms reach, could give him a bit of freedom to work on his skills. Little Mr was delighted and by the end of the first week swimming every day, we had completely removed all of the inserts and Little Mr was swimming and loving every second. While Little Mr now no longer needs the buoyancy, he has grown quite partial to his jacket and insists that he still needs it to ‘keep him warm’ and I am actually quite pleased as the bright yellow back means that he is easy to spot and keep a close eye on.

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My daughter was rather more cautious about trusting her jacket to keep her afloat in the beginning and, as she tiptoed towards the waters edge with all inserts still in the jacket, she refused to enter alone. Little Miss spent the first day clinging onto me for dear life but by day two she seemed a little less nervous and loosened her grip a little until, by the end of our day at the pool, she was hands free and smiling. It was a great surprise to see her grow in confidence so much over the next week and by the end of the week we had removed two inserts and she was jumping into the water happily and enjoying splashing and playing with her brother.

It certainly makes swimming with little ones much easier knowing that they are growing in confidence safely whilst in the water wearing jackets that not only give them exactly the right amount of buoyancy but also keep their heads above water without tipping them back or forwards, so greatly reducing the risk of them getting into trouble in the water.

It’s easy to see why the Konfidence jackets have received multiple awards and are so popular around the world. These jackets are simple and easy to use, can be adjusted to suit each child’s individual requirements depending on their specific needs, they are brightly coloured so its easy to keep an eye on your child and they are made from high quality durable materials which all lends itself perfectly to aiding your child in safely growing their confidence in and around the water. Both my twins and myself give this product a huge thumbs up!!

Konfidence review


Konfidence offer their jackets in a range of sizes to suit children from the age of 1 up to 7. They also offer a great range of baby swimwear, swimming aids and wet suits, so there is something for everyone.


Written by Julie Williams


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Disclosure: The author was gifted the ‘Konfindence’ jackets for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are her own.
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