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How I Can Tell When You’re Ovulating By The Photos You Post.

I have a superpower. I can always tell when a woman is ovulating by the kind of pictures she posts on social media. It’s true. It has become a kind of phenomenon really. A game I like to play. You can play it too.

See, when a woman is close to ovulation, hormonal changes fluctuate within her body. I’m not even going to get into the whole, “a woman’s cycle is typically 28 days long” thing. We as women are anything but typical.

If you are anything like me, your cycle is forever changing and some months you can’t even make heads or tails of it.

This can be especially frustrating if you are trying to conceive. Knowing when you are ovulating is kind of  a big deal.

Let me help you decipher when you are ovulating in order to either maximize your chances of falling pregnant, or give you a head’s up so you can avoid the bedroom all together.

Right before ovulation is when our estrogen levels rise. Women are more energised at this time. We almost become superheros. Hormone charged wonder women. We can think more clearly, our senses are heightened, our voices go up an octave, we have better coordination – which means it’s the optimum time to try for a PB.

We as women feel more positive energy and are more inclined to give our supermen the nod and head in the direction of the bedroom.

The chemistry of our bodies are trying to prepare for reproduction, so it makes sense that chemically we start feeling more inclined to have sex. And this state of affairs translates to how we behave when we are generally feeling more sexual.

You can’t argue with Science!

Perhaps it’s subtle. Does your Facebook friend, who never posts anything, only update their profile picture maybe once a month?

Does your girlfriend who generally uploads nonstop pictures of her baby, suddenly get into the mix every so often? Maybe on a girl’s night out where she just so happens to be tarted up to the nine’s?

Your girlfriend who came back from her overseas trip a couple of weeks ago. Is she suddenly posting “take me back” photos, where her boobs are front and centre?

Gym selfies.

Beauty selfies.

Selfy selfies.

I’m telling you it’s a thing.

And it’s a real, hormone charged phenomenon!

Ok I’ll put my hand up and embarrass myself, in the name of Science!

Here is a comparison of Instagram pictures that I have put together of myself. One I’ve posted around the time of ovulation. One I’ve posted when I’ve started my period. Let’s see if you can figure out a behavioral pattern here.

Then tell me if you can start seeing that very same pattern in your own news feed.

Can you see a pattern?









As I said earlier, if you are trying to conceive with no luck in pinpointing ovulation, this could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

It tends to only work in hindsight when you’re unaware.

Although if you allow yourself to start noticing the things you are inclined to post, and the time of the month you are inclined to post it, you may have just given yourself the upper hand that you just won’t read about at your doctor’s office.

Happy hormonal posting!




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