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Mum Shares ‘Wiggle Butt’ Burping Hack Which She Claims ‘Works 99% Of the Time’

Mum Shares ‘Wiggle Butt’ Burping Hack Which She Claims ‘Works 99% Of the Time’

A mum has shared a unique burping hack which she claims works pretty much all of the time to score that sweet little burp from her infant. Adorably named the “wiggle butt”, this little trick might be useful for those times when we just can’t quite reach the right spot to help our babies to burp.

Tay Becker, shared a clip to TikTok demonstrating the cutest burping technique ever.

@taybeckerbeautyComing at you today with a ##lifehack! Here’s my trick for burping your baby! ##momlife ##toddlermom ##boymom ##fostermom ##newmom ##hack ##parenthack

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“I’m going to show you my trick for getting a good burp out of your baby,” Tay says in the clip that has garnered plenty of interest.

“It looks ridiculous, but it works awesome!”

Tay then demonstrates how to hold your baby by supporting their head and upper back and hold them tightly on your shoulder, just like you normally would to burp them. Then you form what she refers to as a “Barbie hand” and hook it underneath your baby’s bottom. “Holding their head, shift their legs back and forth,” she says in the clip.

On-screen text pops up to remind parents to be careful: “This is a GENTLE motion. Do not force their legs to shift or move!”

Tay’s baby then lets out a tiny little baby burp right on cue. “There it is!” she says.

“I didn’t come up with this,” Tay explains. “I found it on YouTube from a chiropractor when Knox was a newborn and we had a hard time getting him to burp. In our family, we call it the wiggle butt and it works like 99 per cent of the time.”

The comments under Tay’s video were filled with grateful parents chiming in with their own experiences of using the wiggle but technique.

“I just tried this cause I was already holding my son and he burped super loud,” wrote one grateful parent.

Another added, “One of my nurses taught me this after having my daughter but she called it the hula!”

“My four-and-a-half-month-old twins have always been hard to burp,” said one commenter. “I tried this and OHHH MYYY GOOOSSHH! Worked like a charm!”


Source: TikTok/Tay Becker


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