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New Parents Called Out for Naming Their Newborn Twin Boys the Same Name

It can be difficult trying to name your child. There is a huge responsibility in giving a name to a whole new person that they will carry throughout their entire lives.

Often these sorts of stories are about people giving their children hard to pronounce or spell monikers but this one is oh so different entirely. Whether caused by sleep deprivation or sheer anxiety, the parents in this story opted to give their twin sons the exact same name, just spelled a little differently. Oh, and as it turns out, that name is the same as their surname.

Taking to Reddit’s ever-popular Am I The Asshole sub, a co-worker of the new mum asked if she was in the wrong for telling the new parents that their baby name(s) was stupid.

Well, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is a new one for me.

Sean Sean and Seen Sean.

Is it not hard enough to enable twins to find their own individuality without confusing everyone by giving them the same name, too?

Happily, it seems that the parents have come to their senses in the nick of time before their children’s birth certificates were officially recorded.

Alls well that ends well, I guess! At least there will only be one Sean Sean now.

Commenters in the thread came to the decision that the poster was a bit of an a-hole for the way she brought up her concerns for the child’s name, but that it was generally considered the right move.

“I’m an identical twin,” wrote one responder. “Matching names is probably the cruellest thing you could do to a person. It’s not just confusing. It would keep the twins from developing identities outside their twin-ness. You know what happens to twins that can’t establish independent identities? At best they need years of family therapy to work through their relationship problems. At worst they hate each other. Twins have it hard enough working through what it means to be a twin. Why make that harder.”

“Maybe I’m also an AH but if she can’t handle the backlash for her kids’ names, think about how her boys will feel growing up. Might as well start now because they’re in for a childhood of jabs and jokes! Hopefully, she legally changes them after a good night’s sleep in a few months,” replied another.

What do you think?


Source: Reddit/AITA


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