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Which Baby Items Are Okay to Sell, Donate or Throw Away?

Which Baby Items Are Okay to Sell, Donate or Throw Away?

When it comes to baby items, it can be very confusing knowing what to do with them once your little one no longer needs an item that you’ve bought for them. Often these items are expensive and despite the feeling that you haven’t gotten your money’s worth, sometimes they are destined for the bin.

But how do you know which items to sell, donate or throw away? Hopefully, we might be able to help with this handy list.

Items to Sell or Donate

Baby clothes

As long as they are in good condition, clean and unstained, baby clothing is always okay to onsell or donate to charity or a friend. If the clothes have been in storage for longer than three months, it might be a good idea to pop them through the wash to ensure they are nice and fresh for their new owner.

Baby bedding 

Like clothing, as long as the bedding isn’t torn, stained or damaged in any way it is good to pass on to its next owner. Again, a quick wash would be welcomed before selling or giving it away.


We can never have enough books for our children! Unfortunately, the most loved ones are often chewed and dog eared and repaired with sticky tape after eager fingers tear at the pages. These well-read books are best kept or thrown, but anything in great condition is good to go!

Wooden or plastic toys

As long as the toys are able to be sanitised, most second-hand shops would welcome baby toys. Nobody wants dusty old plush toys that might have been dribbled on (or worse!), no matter how cute they might be.

Changing table

Once your baby is big enough to scamper away during change time, you might have to consider a change mat on the floor rather than one at a more convenient height. Unfortunately, this moment comes way too soon and you now have a changing table to get rid of. Luckily, this is one of the things that you can on-sell or donate. Just make sure it is extremely clean.

Baby Monitor

As long as they are in good working order and there are no visible signs of damage, baby monitors are okay to donate.

Baby Carrier

These are excellent items to on-sell or donate as baby carriers can be expensive and are only in use for a short time before baby grows out of them. Give it a good scrub and pass it on to the next family.

Items to throw

Cots, cribs, bassinettes and mattresses

Unfortunately, these items are rarely accepted by donation centres due to product recalls over safety issues. And nobody wants a second-hand mattress.

Car seats

Car seats always need to be thrown away when you’ve finished with them. No donation centres will accept them as there is such a liability involved when it comes to safety.

Bottles, teats and dummies

No matter how much they have been sanitised, the thought of a second-hand teat or dummy is not a nice one. They aren’t expensive items anyway, and old ones are only fit for the bin.


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One thought on “Which Baby Items Are Okay to Sell, Donate or Throw Away?

  1. AvatarBlossom

    If you know a person who needs a baby seat, you know it never been in an incident / accident at all and protected from the sun when not being used it may ok to accept it. The covers are removable and can be soaked in strong antibacterial soaker then washed as normal. It may need a new webbing in the harness. Honestly some of the slightly older ones are safer than the latest ones. At least the older ones were bolted on at the top , not just hooked into plastic and almost impossible to move and re-install tightly in another car quickly if needed.


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