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Britax e-brake Stroller Review PLUS Giveaway RRP $945

britax ebrake stroller review

WIN a New e-brake stroller from Britax worth $945 – The World’s First Stroller with Electronic Brake

Have you ever had one of those heart-stopping moments when your child suddenly releases their grip on the stroller and makes a mad dash towards the road, to grab a dropped toy or a really cool stick they spotted, just as a car is coming? Or stopped to pick up a dropped item yourself and in a split second your stroller rolls away from you, which could have devastating consequences. With 4 small children at my feet, these are everyday fears when I leave the house and just a simple walk to the park can leave me with my heart in my throat. Thankfully Britax have swooped in and offered some help for us juggling Mums and Dads in the form of the world’s very first stroller with an electronic safety brake.

The e-brake stroller is in a class of its own and it would seem that Britax are not content with just creating the safest car seats available, they are now leading the way with safety in strollers. The new e-brake stroller is fitted with an electronic brake that is activated the moment your hands release from the handle; so runaway strollers will be a thing of the past. The sad reality is that far too many precious little ones are being injured each year due to strollers rolling away and either toppling over or heading into the path of oncoming traffic and even falling onto train tracks and now Britax has found an innovative way to give parents peace of mind with the ‘e-brake stroller’.

britax ebrake stroller reviewI am not sure who was more excited to be taking the Britax e-brake stroller for a test run – my husband or me. The word ‘Gadget’ seems to light up his eyes every time it’s mentioned and for a man who thinks ‘every stroller is the same’ argh, it was quite pleasing to see his sudden sparked interest in this one. The computer display is simple and easy to use, so takes little to no effort to come to grips with it. The battery indicator clearly lets you know how much charge you have left, so that you can ensure that you never run out of charge when you might need it. Not only is the system on-board the stroller an amazing safety device, it is also a portable charger for your smartphone, which is a fantastic addition for any Mum on the run like me. I was also quite impressed that this device had been taken another step further and the screen also features a speedometer, temperature gauge and estimates for distance travelled and calories burned pushing the stroller, so it was a great incentive to walk that little bit further and burn off that extra biscuit I had this morning.

The e-brake stroller does also come with a manual brake and a clear brake indicator, which did give me that extra bit of comfort when I was loading my little ones into the car while parked on the steep slope that leads up to kindy. Also, if you are also a thong wearing Mum or Dad, then you will be pleased to know that the manual brake is easily applied while wearing thongs (tap-on, tap-off).

ebrake stroller review 2The e-brake stroller is so much more than just a super safe stroller though as it comes with all the other great features that I would be looking for in a stroller, such as:

  • Stylish washable covers on fully reversible seat, both forward and rear facing options and four position recline.
  • Quick release wheels for compact storage, which is great if you have a car full already or limited space to store it in.
  • Height adjustable handle and adjustable leg supports – perfect for growing bub and comfortable pushing position for both me and my 6ft4 hubby
  • Adaptable to growing families, the Britax e-brake can accommodate the Britax Click & Go Bassinet, second seat for newborn or toddler and up to 2 Safe-n-Sound Unity infant carriers travel system convenience, which are all available to purchase separately).
  • Dual bearing wheels and rear soft putter tyre, inflated with lightweight foam to ensure smoother ride, without the risk of punctures on rougher terrain
  • Lockable swivel front wheels
  • Its 2000Ah rechargeable battery, which powers the automatic brakes for up to 10 days
  • Plus all of the accessories you would expect, such as CLICK & GO Receivers, Boot cover, mesh cover and rain cover

This stroller really does have everything. It’s stylish and looks great when you’re out and about, it grows with your family, so no need to buy a new stroller later on, It’s compact so will fit in most cars, and best of all it is designed with the safety of your child at the top of the priority list.

Written by Julie Muchamore

 Disclosure: Our writer was gifted the Britax e-brake stroller for the purpose of an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are her own.

Win an Britax e-brake Stroller worth $945

47 thoughts on “Britax e-brake Stroller Review PLUS Giveaway RRP $945

  1. AvatarJade Browne

    id love to win the e-brake stroller for me and my 8 week old. We travel on public transport a lot and this would give me great piece of mind on our adventures.

  2. AvatarLeah Currie

    What an amazing pram!
    Money is tight (as I’m sure it is for most parents) expecting baby number 2 any day now and this offers so many amazing functions that would be helpful in every day life from the no worry auto brake to the simple calorie counter to help me back to my pre baby body.

  3. AvatarJen

    I have a 4 and 3 year old but if I won I’d like to donate it to Dandelion Support Network so they can gift it to a child who’s family is going through a tough time. They helped me just over three years ago and I’d love to repay the favour :):)

  4. AvatarJessica Robinson

    I would love love love to win this stroller for my little man or for a future baby 🙂 fingers crossed. It looks so much safer then the little one I have now.

  5. AvatarJoumana

    Omg i wish this was around when my kids where little. Fantastic idea and it will help so many because all it takes is a second gor you to turn around and the stroller can roll.

  6. AvatarStephanie Whitworth

    This pram looks fantastic and for a mummy that really wants to get back into running with my two girls in toe it seems like the perfect pram for us!
    Will give this competition a go and hope for the best !
    Thank you go ask mum & britax!

  7. AvatarLyndal Hughes

    What a marvellous pram! We have finally fallen pregnant after numerous miscarriages. What a wonderful safe gift the Britax e-brake stroller would be for us.

  8. Avatarrach colla

    Wow this looks awesum! My bub is due in 2 days! April 2nd and this would be great britex ia such a reliable brand and now to see that u have brought out this magical device is truely amazing!

  9. AvatarKarina

    Omg I love this pram and all the safety features I want this so bad but can not justify to hubby why this pram is worth the money

  10. AvatarElysha

    Looks like a great pram, should be easy to manoeuvre. So many features and is compact enough to fit in almost any cars boot! Be amazing to use for my two little ones.

  11. AvatarDanielle Roberts

    We would love nothing more than to win a stylish new Britax E Brake! We live near a lake and are always walking this would come in great hand to accommodate our expanding family 😉 Comfort, Style and Safety is a must for us 😉

  12. AvatarThu

    The pram looks so elegant, fashionable and functional too. I really love it and would like to have it for my daughter. I thought it must be easy to travel everywhere with kids and theirs stuffs.
    I wish I will get one and my daughter or my son much be happy and relaxing on it.

  13. AvatarFaye Hannam

    What a great stroller. An electronic brake – brilliant… Suitable up to 20kg… Also brilliant.. Overall, I rate this stroller BRILLIANT!!

  14. AvatarMegan Schroeder

    What a lovely gift to someone special. Our stroller broke a couple weeks ago and I can’t tell you how happy we would be to win. I’d love to be able to get back into walking with my son again. This stroller looks fantastic! 🙂

  15. AvatarSue Humphries

    This looks like a fantastic pram, my youngest will be 2 in five days and my daughter has just give birth to my first grandson so this would make life so much easier on both of us. Thank you Go ask Mum and Britax.

  16. AvatarEliza

    I have a 3 year old with special needs a 1 yr old and baby on the way this pram would make walking a dream love it!!!

  17. Avatarllisa hardy

    I walk everywhere with mu son and knowing that i would have the peace of mind that my son would be safer than ever useing this

  18. AvatarEmily True

    All Britax products I’ve bought recently have been sturdy, good value and reliable. This would be great for our son who is growing out of his capsule!

  19. AvatarJam white

    with bulbs safety our greatest concern
    This stroller would be awesome
    I can jog or just stroll
    Know she is safe and secure
    What more could parents ask for


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