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Exhausted New Mum Reveals Her Selfish Husband’s Ridiculous Midnight Requests

We can all remember those sleepless nights when our children were tiny infants. Being woken several times through the night is par for the course with a new baby in the house. But while we might be happy to get up to our little ones in the night, tolerating our partner’s ridiculousness in the wee small hours is another thing!

A new mum has sought advice from strangers on the internet after her husband continues to wake her up in the middle of the night to ask her the time.

To ask her the time.

“Without fail every time my (29f) husband (37m) wakes up in the middle of the night he wakes me fully up to ask me what time it is,” the woman explained on Reddit.

“Both of us sleep with our cellphones charging next to our beds. So, it’s just as easy for him to reach out and check the time on his own phone as it is for him to wake me up and ask me.”

“My husband says I’m being an asshole because I’m making a big deal out of nothing. I say, waking me up for something meaningless that he can do for himself with less effort than he expends asking me shows a complete disregard for me and is really selfish of him.”

The poor woman revealed that her narcissistic husband does this several times a week and that it takes her “forever” to fall back to sleep.

“We both work full-time jobs and have an infant. I do 100% of the nighttime baby duties because my husband commutes farther than I do. So, he says it just makes sense for me to let him sleep since he has to be out the door before I do in the mornings.”

No, no this isn’t okay! He can easily look at his phone to find out the time if he so desperately needs to know. This is a power play. His way of making sure his “needs” come before hers. He’s doing this on purpose.

Messing with someone’s sleep is abuse. It’s damaging to mental and physical health and it makes everyday activities dangerous, especially while caring for an infant.

Spray him with a water bottle the next time he does it, or better yet, throw the whole man away.





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