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WIN an Amazing Toy Bundle in time for Xmas

WIN an Amazing Toy Bundle in time for Xmas 

2017’s Best Early Learning Toys!
Get a Chance to Win One!

The best learning experience is a fun learning experience! Spend time playing games with the lil ones with these fun interactive games! Thanks to Talkin Toys, Australia’s favourite toy review channel, you have a chance to win this toy bundle in time for Christmas!

  1. Googly Eyes – RRP: $39.95

Googly Eyes is a wacky twist on the classic drawing game. You never know

what you’ll end up with. Pick a card, pop on the Googly specs, and draw the clue. Sound easy? These crazy goggles have other ideas- they’re madder than a monkey wearing Granny’s bifocals! What’s that supposed to be? Is it an elephant or a donut? Is it a plane or fish? At least Granny can blame her squiggly lines on the specs, not that last sherry!

  1.  Pass The Pen – RRP: $29.95

Pass the Pen is all about expressing yourself in a hurry! In the world’s fastest drawing game the pen tip disappears after only 10 seconds. The pen is mightier than the clock! Other players have to make sense of your squiggles but when the time is up it’s over to another pending Picasso to pick up where you left off. The ultimate in quick-fire fun, who said you can’t make great art in a hurry?!

  1. Rubik’s Race – RRP: $29.95

It’s a head-to-head puzzle game that combines the strategy of the Rubik’s Cube with frenzied face-to-face play. How fast can you match the pattern on the frame with your own coloured tiles? The aim of the game is to slide your tiles around, arranging the centre 9 squares into a predetermined ‘goal’ pattern created by shaking the Scrambler tile box, then slide your tiles as fast as you can to match it while your opponent does the same! So if you’ve got a competitive spirit, or just think this brightly coloured Rubik’s creation looks like fun (which it is), then Rubik’s Race is the game for you!

  1. Rubik’s Cube – RRP: $19.00

A Rubik’s cube is a timeless classic puzzle, but it can be a challenge even for grownups. The simple hand movements will help develop their fine motor skills, and getting familiar with the way the toy looks and moves will encourage them to play more later on. They’ll be solving it one-handed and blindfolded before you know it!

  1. Pokemon Trainer Gues – RRP: $39.95

Pokemon Trainer Guess is the all new amazing guessing game! After a few questions, the Pokeball will tell you exactly which Pokémon you’re thinking of! Once a Pokémon is guessed, it goes into your electronic collection! Includes Speech recognition. No Buttons, no reading! Talk to the Pokeball, it will understand you and talk back to you!

To find out more about the latest and coolest toys, check out Talkin Toys!

Thanks to our friends at Talkin Toys we have a great collection of amazing toys to GIVE AWAY to one of our luck readers to help you get ahead on your Christmas Shopping! If you know someone that would love these, simply enter your details below and Good luck! x


GAM – WIN a Toy Bundle from Talkin Toys

40 thoughts on “WIN an Amazing Toy Bundle in time for Xmas

  1. AvatarTamarah saunders

    Id love to win this for my son this year is very tight for us and it would make his christmas x

  2. AvatarDarcy cornel

    I have 2 grandkids arriving in 3 weeks time
    Boy /girl 5/7 .this would be an awesome gift for thwm to pkay with

  3. AvatarDarcy cornel

    I have 2 grandkids arriving in 3 weeks time
    Boy /girl 5/7 .this would be an awesome gift for them and to play with

  4. AvatarJody Slean

    Wow what a fantastic prize for any child. My son has a fine motor issues etc these would be perfect.

  5. AvatarVicki Stone

    I would be stoked to win this. My son is 8 years old and wants to learn how to play new games. He wants his own collection of games. 🙂

  6. AvatarJane Whelan

    this will help with my grand children and nieces and nephews. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. Avatarjaxon barbat

    My grandkids would have so much fun playing with these latest toys & games what a great xmas present to win .

  8. AvatarAnastasia Spiers

    I’m pregnant so this amazing toy bundle will be great to entertain my 2 kids.

    Go ask Mum and talkin toys aka Santa will be a hero in our house if we win this amazing prize.

  9. AvatarRobyn Vitacca

    What a great range of fun games! I would love to give these to a family I know of who have been through a traumatic year. Would definitely brighten up their Christmas.

  10. AvatarLinda Frost

    I ‘d love to win this learning toy package for my grand children! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. AvatarAnna Stanton

    This would mean so much 4 my daughter and family would be extremely happy take the stress away please consider me thanks4 the chance 💛

  12. Avatarjohanna land

    Wicked… love to win please 👍 between my 3 boys and our secret Santa presents we will be sorted

  13. AvatarSherrin

    To win this Toy package could really make Christmas special. We have had a rough year both financially and health wise. Our boys would really love these toys.

  14. Avatarmelissa

    This would be great for my son thats at hospital a minimum of 2 days a week he loves games and would really help pass tbe time

  15. Avatarsusan king

    I would love to this this amazing prize as I have 3 grandchildren and they stay over every second weekend and we play the same games ono and pick up stick. You can only these games for so long cards with bent corners sticks with tape on them as they broke. Please let it be me

  16. AvatarDiana Htun

    As we are struggling with money atm this would be awesome to win and make christmas bearable for my family.


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